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 whether you have just recently purchased your first binding machine or have been using comb binding for years, there are several simple tricks that can make plastic comb-binding even easier. Automatic Blow Molding Machine factory Here are a few things to remember: 1. Be careful not too punch too many sheets at a time. Although your binding machine may be capable of punching more sheets, you can improve productivity and preserve your machine by punching smaller amounts of paper.

If you cannot easily pull the handle on your machine you are probably punching too many sheets. If you have an electric comb binding machine and it makes loud noises when it punches you are also probably punching too much. Finally, it is important that you don't punch more than 2 clear covers at one time on any binding machine. Clear covers are very hard on binding machines and if you punch too many sheets at one time you can break your machine. .

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Designed for low volume jobs in small to medium organizations, the EcoBind C is an entry-level comb binding machine that includes a lot of features for a relatively low price. We recently gave this machine a good close look and compiled a list of what we considered to be its strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: By any estimation, one would have to say that the main strength of the EcoBind C is the remarkably low price. There are not a lot, if any, binding machines on the market, even entry level type comb binding machines like this, that give businesses and individuals such a low غير مجاز مي باشدt method of doing their own binding. At a price like this, almost anyone can get in the game.

  Though it is an economical machine, its has the same capabilities of binding machines غير مجاز مي باشدting much more. For instance, its punching capacity of about 20 pages of 20 lb paper per lift is about as impressive as you are going to find for such a small machine, and we really liked that Akiles designed the EcoBind C with both an open throat and fully disengageable punching pins. What this means to you is that you'll be able to punch and bind documents in any size in which you can find the binding supplies. That is some pretty remarkable flexibility for any machine, and it is important to note that some of these features are pretty rarely found at this end of the binding machine spectrum.   We really liked the design of the EcoBind C's punch handle. Because the handles of most manual binding machines are located on the right side, the lefties among us can have a hard time using them. The EcoBind C, however, has a punch handle that goes across the machine, making it just as easy for lefties as righties. Also, users of either persuasion will find that the ability to switch hands (or to use both) during bigger jobs leads to much less fatigue.  

Another feature we really liked in the EcoBind C was the depth of margin punch control. When you are binding using the plastic comb method, it is very important to adjust the distance of the holes from the edge of your book depending on its thickness. When you are binding blow molding machine Suppliers thicker books, for instance, you'll find that the pages turn more easily (and stay in the book longer) if the holes are just a little bit further in. The EcoBind C's depth of margin punch control lets you make that adjustment as you see fit.   The EcoBind C comes with a very versatile and high quality comb opener that will allow you to use just about any comb binding supplies on the market. Weaknesses: For the money, you could hardly find a better way to enter the world of comb binding. However, you should know that this is a machine that is designed for low volume applications, meaning it is probably best used for binding just a few books per day. If you try to do much more than that, you will find the process can get a little slow and tedious rather quickly. Larger volume users may want to consider a comb binding machine with an electric punching mechanism.   This machine makes it easy to punch and bind documents with binding edges that are shorter than twelve inches. Users who need to bind legal sized sheets or other large format documents may want to consider a legal sized machine such as the Akiles Megabind One.

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Offered as a money-saving alternative to its Mega Bind line, the Akiles AlphaBind CM gives consumers a durable machine that works best with letter sized documents. Here are a few of the strengths and weaknesses of this machine as we see them. Strengths:    One thing that we liked right off the bat about the AlphaBind CM is that it features the same rugged, all metal construction as its more expensive counterparts in the Akiles Megabind line.

If you are going to be punching and binding documents that are letter sized for the most part, the 12" inch punching throat is perfect for your needs. By purchasing the AlphaBind CM, you can pretty much have the same heavy duty machine as PET Bottle Blowing Machine Suppliers one from the Megabind line for a much lighter price. Although, as we stated, the AlphaBind CM is primarily designed for working with letter sized documents, if you have the need, you can actually make bigger books using the AlphaBind CM's open throat design and its fully disengageable punching pins. All you will have to do is to make one punch, then flip the stack over and make another.

This does add a little bit of time to the process, so if it is something that you will be doing a lot, you may want to step up to the Megabind. The AlphaBind CM packs a mean punch. Specifically, up to 25 pages of 20lb paper per lift. That is some pretty nice power for a manual machine, and it may well get you through the vast majority of your booklets in one punch, greatly increasing your overall productivity. With the AlphaBind CM, you will also be able to bind documents that are up to 2 inches thick with ease (which is about as thick as you can go with plastic comb binding), and the depth of margin punch control means that your books will be both functional and durable. Another feature that we really appreciated about the AlphaBind CM was its extra large chip tray. A lot of other machines scrimp on this detail, meaning that not only do you have to empty the tray more often than you'd like, but the chips can get into the punching mechanism and gum up the works. The AlphaBind CM's large bin (which is also easily accessible from the front of the machine) means you will have much fewer of these problems. Weaknesses:     The AlphaBind CM is a nice, tough, rugged manual punch, but when all is said and done,

it is still a manual punch. If you are looking for a machine that can handle high volume projects on a regular basis, you will likely want to look into a machine that features and electric punch in order to increase productivity and lessen the tedium and fatigue factors. As we stated above, the AlphaBind CM is designed to be used for producing letter sized documents for the most part. Though it is capable of punching and binding bigger books, if you are going to be doing so on a regular basis, you will want to get a machine that will allow you to do the job in one punch.

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Fashion & غير مجاز مي باشدmetics,Business Instead of scouting the shops for a gorgeous saree in the street corners or malls, shopping online is a very convenient option. You can find a variety of sarees online on various shopping websites ranging from simple to designer sarees. However you may often end up being cheated or supplied with inferior quality saree so you need to be very careful when making a choice. Here are some few helpful tips for first timer buyers.

Shop around  There are hundreds of shopping sites offering sarees online so look around for the variety of sarees they offer. Many times you may often come across new styles that you were not aware blow moulding machine Manufacturers of. Check out the collection of sarees they have. This will help you to decide which online shopping sites offer you the best collection. Shortlist the sites that you think have a great collection.

Compare the providers and the products –   As the competition in the online market is very fierce, every provider tends to have a far better collection than the other. Hence, after you shortlist the online shopping sites that you feel are the best, compare the variety of their collection, the prices they offer, how soon they can deliver etc.  You can always check for reviews of its previous customers.

Discounts offered   A very important aspect to compare the online shopping site when you buy sarees online is the pricing of the products. Compare the discounts and deals that are offered by the sites and opt for the one which seems to be most reasonable.     Return policy  Most of the online shopping sites offer a return policy to their consumers in case of dissatisfaction or defective piece incidentally delivered. This is very important so read the return polices very carefully to understand their terms and conditions. Make a note of the number of days that you can return the product, are there any additional changes on return, would you have to send the product personally or will a delivery person from the provider’s side come to pick it etc.

Shipping is free    One of the major benefits of online shopping is that it usually offers free shipping to you doorsteps. Same is the case when you purchase sarees online. Most of the online shopping sites offer free home delivery. But make sure to check on this. It makes no sense in saving some amount with a discount and then spending a good amount on shipping charges.

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